Hoopers Bay Villas
Bonefishing Adventure 

Your Exuma Adventure

What if you can plan your own bike tour, or just explore a back road? How about packing your snorkel gear and beach towel, and visit a nearby beach.  You can grab a pair of binoculars, hop on your bike, and go for an early morning ride along the back roads, to see if you can spot any of the 125 bird species, found in Exuma.

Why not ride your bike to a nearby restaurant for lunch, or to the neighborhood food store and pick up a few items for that romantic meal accompanied with a glass of wine. Nothing beats the experience of traveling on a bicycle. You will get the opportunity to meet interesting and friendly people. Remember as a kid, when you and your buddies would hop on your beach cruisers and go riding all over town? Have you ever thought of a multi sport day of biking, kayaking, bird watching, snorkeling, fishing and even camping out on the beach?

You can team up with your neighbors and create your own self guided tour. 

You can arrange to be taken along with your bicycles to a different part of the island, where you can explore historic sites and local culture. We rent the gear, you create the fun!

Test your skills at kayaking on the gorgeous, clear, calm waters of Hoopers Bay beach or arrange to be taken to with your kayak to the south side of Exuma island where you can explore the mangroves and connect with nature, in an aquatic sanctuary.

You will see many species of fish and birds. You can take your fishing pole, binoculars and snorkel gear along for this unbelievable adventure. Kayaking in Exuma’s clear waters is sporting simplicity at its best.

This is a great experience for those who like to bonefish or fly fishing in general.
Fish from your Kayak!

You can continue your Exuma adventure by enjoying the island's under water wild- life. Take yourself on an snorkeling safari. You will find sea- turtles in the sea-grass at Hoopers Bay beach along with a variety of small fish. 

Ever thought of snorkeling with the sharks? You can arrange to be taken on a snorkeling excursion where you can feed conch to the Nurse Sharks.

We encourage our guests to look for and identify the many bird species found in the Exumas. You can observe them in their natural habitat as they dart through the trees on the beach or in the mangroves, while they sing their song.

See if you can quickly tell a bird's species by analyzing its wing shape, call, color and bills. Bird watching is great fun for the kids too!

Binoculars are available for rent at the property.  Peacocks were sited in the trees next to the cottages. It is also not uncommon to see Hummingbirds around the property and the surrounding area.

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(Note: equipment rental subject to availability)