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Dress in Exuma is casual, so shorts and summer tops are fine. Fancy clothes are not necessary. You can attend any of the restaurants or religious services in shorts! It can get cool at night, long pants and a light jacket or sweater is recommended during the winter months. You should bring walking shoes (tennis), sandals, slippers or beach shoes, beach towels are provided in your cottage. Bring at least two bathing suits. Wearing your swimsuit can be optional on the right beaches!

Although your beach cottage is in close proximity to restaurants and within walking distance to a well stocked food and liquor store you can also keep snacks. There is also an electric BBQ grill available and a George Foreman grill at the property. Some guest even prepare their own catch! No joke, this can be fun!
Health Needs
Prescription Medications -  The only pharmacy on the island of Exuma is within walking distance from your holiday cottage and there is a 24 hour walk-in clinic within a 10 minute drive from the beach cottages. 

Swim & Fishing Gear
You can bring your own snorkeling gear, use ours or rent while in Exuma. If you are a scuba diver, bring your REGULATOR and BC. You can rent air tanks with proper identification.
Bring your own rods and reels or rent them in Exuma. A little known secret is that you can take the kayaks and fish in the Mangroves just behind the cottages. This is a planned activity for our guests!

What to Bring

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